The center of molecular modelling & design is located in the Zhang Jiang campus, Fudan University, which is adjacent to Internationally renowned pharmaceutical company e.g. Roche, Novartis  GSK and Shanghai Pharma Engine Co., Ltd. More than 50 cooperation and service projects have been accomplished since the center was established in 2007.

    The center is headed by Professor Wei Fu and academician Kaixian Chen guides the work. The center is focus on rational drug design, molecular modelling of biological macromolecules. The center conducts a series of projects, including monoaminergic GPCR-target drug discovery (Dopamine receptor, 5-HT receptor, Opium receptor, Cannabinoids receptor), mechanism study on drug delivery system and the dynamic effects of small molecules in protein-protein interaction networks during pathogenesis.

    The center is currently composed of 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 1 post-doctor. The center provides the service on a variety of drug design work, molecular simulation work for biological macromolecules. Also, the center provides the training course in the field of computer-aided drug design for academy and industry.

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